Minimum Wage Laws Ban Employment

Some years back I discussed the demonstrably false assertion that the State successfully mitigates unemployment and the antithetical nature of minimum wage laws and full employment in the broader economy.   Results-based analysis demonstrates clearly enough that the government generally is not particularly successful at eliminating any significantly serious “problems,” likely owing at least in […]

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Big Government is an Insanely Overbearing Boyfriend

(Source: Independent Institute)   Episodes: “An Education in Debt”   “Protection from Jobs”   “A Remedy for Healthcare Choices”   “House Poor”   “Keeping a Close Eye on Privacy”  

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Life Really Does Imitate Art

The late great Douglas Adams provides some keen insight (as he so often did) into modern political reality, via one of the many endearing exchanges between the lovable catastrophe that is Ford Prefect and the perpetually unfortunate everyman Arthur Dent:   Ford: “On its world, the people are people.  The leaders are lizards.  The people […]

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If You are Tired of Hyperpartisan Nonsense…

…I highly recommend checking out the first ever (televised) Libertarian Party primary debate between Austin Petersen (CEO of Stonegait LLC ), John McAfee (of McAfee Anti-Virus fame), and Gary Johnson (the former 29th Governor of New Mexico) that aired on Fox Business Network Friday, 1 April 2016.  The candidates were often humorous in their exchanges, […]

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The Second Amendment does not Only Protect Firearms

The Supreme Court Monday reaffirmed that the Second Amendment protects the basic individual right of self-defense, regardless of whether the technology in question existed during the time of the Founding, and that such protections extend to non-firearms defensive weapons.    The Court ruled that the judicial precedents set forth in District of Columbia v. Heller […]

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A Comparative Analysis of Violent Crime in the United Kingdom

Whenever a tragic shooting takes place in America sufficient to enrapture the national media, the narrative du jour for many statist political opportunists is to draw conclusive comparisons between America’s gun violence and the violence associated with other so-called “first-world” nations.   I have previously discussed related geopolitical policy and outcome comparisons and analyses here, […]

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Partial Victory In the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday issued a ruling rejecting a lower district court’s finding that Maryland’s Firearm Safety Act (FSA) did not violate the individual rights protected and guaranteed by the Constitution’s Second Amendment.  The law, enacted in 2013 following the infamous Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut the previous year, broadly bans […]

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