Hillary Clinton Voters Cannot Claim to be Anti-War

Say what you will about Donald Trump as a person but he is not the warmonger-in-chief candidate for president in 2016.  In an ironic partisan turn from the American political environment circa 2004 or so, that mantle absolutely and squarely belongs to Hillary Clinton. And this warmongering is not new.  While in the Senate representing […]

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Dear Hillary Clinton: “No Fly, No Buy” is Equally Illegal as “Stop-and-Frisk”

During the first 2016 presidential debate a couple of weeks ago, Hillary Clinton chastised Donald Trump on the unconstitutionality of so-called “stop-and-frisk” policies of urban policing (specifically in New York City).  And credit where it is due, she is right – warrantless, unprompted searches conducted upon pedestrians simply because they are in “public” clearly violates […]

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Colin Kaepernick, Free Speech, and Meaningless Gestures

By now, most football fans – if not the rest of the free world – are aware that backup San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has decided not to stand during the playing of the National Anthem and the displaying of the colors at National Football League (NFL) games he is a part of or […]

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Clinton, Trump, the Media, and Groupthink

The mainstream media continually points out that Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump heading into November’s general election, but how accurate are these polling results? There is some reason to believe that certain mainstream media outlets, such as CBS and NBC, have routinely oversampled Democrats – purposefully or not is anyone’s supposition – with the net […]

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Horror in Japan Too

Echoing the sentiments recently discussed regarding France and Germany, Japan also is not immune to evil and violence, despite the virtual elimination of firearms in that nation. Due to a near-full disarmament of its civilian populace, this mentally unstable young man allegedly had roughly 40 minutes (!) at his disposal to knife to death 19 […]

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France and Germany are Having a Tough Go Lately

Most people are aware of the largest terrorist attacks that have rocked Paris and Nice in recent months, and the Charlie Hebdo attacks that preceded them, but whether terrorism-related or just “plain” crime, both countries are seeing their fair shares of violence recently. In France: –Driver attempts to run over pedestrians, injuring several in Dijon […]

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What Will it Take for Democrats to Reject Hillary Clinton?

Seriously, what will it take? Proof that she behaved egregiously negligently at best, if not outright willingly criminal, in the handling of national security materials?  No. A demonstrable inability to manage national-level crises with professionalism or effective leadership?  Nope. Her thinly-veiled contempt, if not outright hatred, of the very demographics she seeks to court?  Nah. […]

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