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Obama and Confirmation Bias

Well-respected investigative journalist Sheryl Attkisson, probably best known for her stint with CBS News and by her allegations that the Obama administration is one of the least transparent in modern history, is now reporting that the president refuses to even entertain intelligence briefs about various organizations if he ideologically disagrees with their respective classifications as […]

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A Global Warming Solution

Global warming, climate change, anthropogenic, natural, nonexistent… regardless, this is a solution I can certainly get behind. (Source: Stefan Molyneux)

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Pray for Paris; Pray That Your Right to Self-Defense Is Protected

By now, everyone has likely learned of the terrorist attacks that befell Paris last Friday.  As of this writing, reports indicate that at least 129 people were killed and an additional 352 injured.  The so-called Islamic State (ISIS) group claimed responsibility.  Unsurprisingly, early reports indicate that at least one of the terrorist perpetrators infiltrated Europe […]

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