Lowering Standards

It’s what we do.

Reportedly, the Marines are “easing” physical requirements that have “inhibited female infantry officer” candidates.

The US Marine Corps will no longer require prospective officers to pass a punishing combat endurance test to graduate from the service’s Infantry Officer Course.

The course is considered among the military’s toughest training programs, with about a quarter of all students failing to complete it, according to the Washington Post. Most of the 30-plus women who have attempted IOC dropped on the first day during the combat endurance test.

Sadly, my cynicism toward identity politics led me to no other conclusion than to anticipate this.

And, this is very pertinent:

Marine 2nd Lt. Emma Stokien argued in a 2014 op-ed that removing the required passage of the test would negatively impact female integration into the service.

“Changing this rite of passage will be doing female Marines no favors in trying to be infantry officers,” Stokien wrote in War on the Rocks.Female Marines often have to work much harder than their peers to earn the same respect, and entering the infantry under the dark cloud of even perceived lowered standards will make this a practically impossible challenge and potentially cause real harm to unit cohesion and the faith between leader and led.”

In any event, whether one agrees with the above or not, the truth remains the same: equal opportunities are not the same as equal outcomes.


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