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Republicans are Socialists Too

“A group of prominent Republicans and business leaders backing a tax on carbon dioxide were taking their case Wednesday to top White House aides…” (emphasis added).  Yes, you read that right: members of the supposed “small government” party would like to achieve the penultimate in global environmental socialism – cap and trade – by taxing […]

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Hey Democrats! We Need You to Get Your Act Together! (Repost)

Stumbled across this today and it is an interesting take on this most recent electoral cycle from a presumably left-libertarian.  As posted by Eric Raymond on Armed and Dangerous (all emphases and links in original): It’s now just a bit over a month since Election Day, and I’m starting to be seriously concerned about the […]

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Minimum Wage Laws Ban Employment

Some years back I discussed the demonstrably false assertion that the State successfully mitigates unemployment and the antithetical nature of minimum wage laws and full employment in the broader economy.   Results-based analysis demonstrates clearly enough that the government generally is not particularly successful at eliminating any significantly serious “problems,” likely owing at least in […]

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Big Government is an Insanely Overbearing Boyfriend

(Source: Independent Institute)   Episodes: “An Education in Debt”   “Protection from Jobs”   “A Remedy for Healthcare Choices”   “House Poor”   “Keeping a Close Eye on Privacy”  

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If You are Tired of Hyperpartisan Nonsense…

…I highly recommend checking out the first ever (televised) Libertarian Party primary debate between Austin Petersen (CEO of Stonegait LLC ), John McAfee (of McAfee Anti-Virus fame), and Gary Johnson (the former 29th Governor of New Mexico) that aired on Fox Business Network Friday, 1 April 2016.  The candidates were often humorous in their exchanges, […]

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Economic Illiteracy

I recently came across this poster while searching for Christmas gift ideas, and it just felt like a perfect capture of my sentiments. Available from Liberty Maniacs.  

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Donald Trump Supports State-Sponsored Thievery

Just one of the many reasons I do not support Donald Trump for president is because he whole-heartedly embraces the corruptive Kelo v. City of New London (2005) rationale of the Fifth Amendment’s Eminent Domain clause: I fully understand the conservative approach, but I don’t think it was explained to most conservatives.  Nobody knows [eminent […]

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