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“Free Trade Agreements” are Anything But

I am sorry to say, but anyone who believes governments create “free” trade with such agreements is effectively openly acknowledging that they know nothing at all about basic economics. So-called “free trade agreements” are fraught with tariffs (i.e., taxes, otherwise known as property confiscation), deficits and surpluses, de facto and/or de jure subsidies, and other elements […]

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Congressional Republicans are Completely Full of It

For the immediate six years following the party-line enactment of the Affordable Care Act, when Republicans initially took control of the House of Representatives and eventually the Senate as well, the GOP v0ted on no less than 52 (!) separate measures aiming to repeal the terrible legislation. At a time when Republicans did not fully […]

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Alabama Getting Out of the Marriage Business?

Or, more accurately, it appears Alabama may be getting out of the business of violently regulating marriage.  Alabama Senate Bill 20 passed a key procedural hurdle last week, receiving a 9-0 vote from the state’s Senate Judiciary Committee on 23 February.  The bill now moves before the full state Senate. This legislation would effectively nullify […]

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