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The Rule of Man, Redux

As predicted, the culture that a rule of man cultivates eventually comes home to roost. This week, Oregon passed a state law expanding background check requirements for private sales of firearms. However, Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel has already publicly stated he will not enforce the law. “I can’t enforce that law, so therefore it […]

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Logical Fallacies

Probably the most commonly employed method of debate and discussion we tend to encounter – be it at blogs like this, in person, or at other online forums – is the use of logical fallacies to make arguments. Logical fallacies are, by definition, fundamentally irrelevant counterpoints to any argument because they are not based on […]

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Murder Charges Filed

A South Carolina police officer, Michael Slager, has been terminated and officially charged with homicide in the shooting death of Walter Scott. The video of this incident serves as the primary evidentiary catalyst for the charges, and depicts what I consider to be a textbook “bad shoot,” if not outright coldblooded murder. Officer Slager essentially […]

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What is Treason?

Recently, the Air Force terminated the deputy commander of its Air Combat Command for unlawfully interfering with his subordinates’ rights to communicate with Congress. The gist of this issue centers on Major General James Post’s use of the word “treason” to describe airmen’s communications that were inconsistent or in conflict with official Air Force position […]


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