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The Parkland School Shooting: A Colossal Model of Government Failure

Obviously, debates (if they could truthfully be called that) regarding the Second Amendment are routinely and fervently reignited every time a new tragedy makes the media’s bloodlust cutline.  This is, of course, no different in light of the Parkland school shooting in recent days. In my many discussions with gun control advocates, be they civil […]

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Lowering Standards

It’s what we do. Reportedly, the Marines are “easing” physical requirements that have “inhibited female infantry officer” candidates. The US Marine Corps will no longer require prospective officers to pass a punishing combat endurance test to graduate from the service’s Infantry Officer Course. … The course is considered among the military’s toughest training programs, with […]

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Testimony Concerning Police Corruption and Misconduct Like Something Out of a Bad Movie

The following is startling testimony provided in the ongoing trial of two Baltimore Police Department officers.  The officers in question were members of the city’s Gun Trace Task Force (yes, the same sort of officers whom gun control advocates insist should be the only Americans allowed to possess/carry most (if not all) firearms).   (All emphases […]

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