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On the Trump Administration’s Unconstitutional “Bump Stock” Ban

Today, reports indicate that the Trump Administration has moved to ban so-called “bump stocks” in light of the Las Vegas shooting that occurred in 2017. Regardless of where one stands on the Second Amendment or how one feels specifically about such “bump stocks,” one cannot truthfully claim to support the Constitution or, indeed, even the […]

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Why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is “Banned” from Conducting Firearms Research

Tongue-in-cheek, click-bait title aside, the CDC is not in fact “banned” from conducting such research.  The institution is only banned from using public funds to push a preconceived agenda: “Provided further that none of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may be used to […]

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Brazilians are Apparently Warming to Gun Rights

Strange things happen when promises of gun control equating to increased safety fail to materialize.  Such is the situation today in the world’s murder capital of Brazil: Desperate Brazilians are wondering whether they’d be better off armed, given that around 60,000 of their compatriots are killed each year.  Polls show support for gun ownership gaining […]

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I Thought Hillary Did Not Need the Patriarchy?

It looks to me like she needs it more than most.  I mean, she really needs the Patriarchy’s grip. (Source: The American Mirror)

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The Rule of Law or Rule of Man? (Redux 2.0)

The more things change, the more they stay the same. President Trump, that supposed protector of the Constitution, bulwark against Leftist encroachments, Clinton-slayer, and Drainer of Swamps, recently rejected the notion of Fifth Amendment Due Process protections while simultaneously appearing to embrace a Second Amendment-infringing position, in declaring “I like taking guns away early.  Take […]

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The Parkland School Shooting: A Colossal Model of Government Failure

Obviously, debates (if they could truthfully be called that) regarding the Second Amendment are routinely and fervently reignited every time a new tragedy makes the media’s bloodlust cutline.  This is, of course, no different in light of the Parkland school shooting in recent days. In my many discussions with gun control advocates, be they civil […]

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Lowering Standards

It’s what we do. Reportedly, the Marines are “easing” physical requirements that have “inhibited female infantry officer” candidates. The US Marine Corps will no longer require prospective officers to pass a punishing combat endurance test to graduate from the service’s Infantry Officer Course. … The course is considered among the military’s toughest training programs, with […]

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