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Ignorance Is a Truly Powerful Narcotic of the Masses

As compiled over at Infowars, this is an embarrassingly candid view of the voting American public: (Source: Mark Dice)   (Source: Mark Dice)   (Source: Alex Jones Channel)


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The Effectiveness of Background Checks

Despite the (temporary to be sure) defeat of the “universal” background check amendment in the Senate recently, advocates of individual disarmament continue their assertions that such a measure is necessary to reduce violent firearms-related crime.  To that end, much and more has been made of the “common sense” need for so-called “enhanced” checks for all […]

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Ideological Reasonable Doubt (re-post)

Over at Who Plans Whom?, free individualist Justin Oliver has put together a brief yet thought-provoking discussion point regarding the nature of the State’s burden of proof and how it can (should) preemptively relate to ideological legislative/regulative pursuits: In a proper criminal justice system, due process demands that the burden of proof is on the […]

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The Critical Problem with a “Balanced” Deficit Reduction Plan

In political anticipation of the president’s deficit reduction plan, due for release this coming week, the White House is preemptively touting its reported “balanced” approach – political newspeak for tax increases in various forms combined with supposed outlay reductions.  As one senior White House advisor noted, “what we won’t do is cut our way to […]

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“Hockey Stick” Inflation

This is what the debtor state, illegal indirect taxation, surreptitious currency debasement, artificial (and thus unsustainable) bubble creation, and unmeritorious upstream enrichment looks like ladies and gentlemen.  In short, this is “hockey stick” inflation and it is directly attributable to the State’s interference with the free operation of the market.  I am not exactly sure […]

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Firearms: Statistically Less Deadly Than “Free Love”

This is simply a must-see video for anyone and everyone who either emphatically supports the protection of individual rights or is perhaps on the fence; the modern statist, unfortunately, generally cannot be swayed with rational argument or logic in this regard.  (Thanks to ariarmstrong and Clayton Cramer for bringing attention to this clip.) Practicing law […]

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