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Are Democrats Fundamentally Bad People?

Who can honestly say?  I usually try to avoid indicting overly general swaths of the populace, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the grossly unethical behavior that seemingly attaches itself to the political Left of the United States. Recent non-exhaustive examples, in no particular order: –Inciting riots and looting of inner-city communities. –Threatening […]

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A Look at Modern Political Newspeak

Select quotes and satirical (yet mostly true, probably) translations from the third and final 2016 presidential election debate between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, as moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace on 19 October 2016:   Hillary Clinton:  “…we need a Supreme Court that will stand up on behalf of women’s […]

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The Election, the Supreme Court, and the FEC/FCC

Many people have made a case that the makeup of Supreme Court is the centerpiece for why the 2016 presidential election is so important – specifically, conservatives are pushing the case that Donald Trump is needed to prevent Hillary Clinton’s probable permanent shift of the Court to the extreme Left.  I have no doubt that […]

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Hillary Clinton Voters Cannot Claim to be Anti-War

Say what you will about Donald Trump as a person but he is not the warmonger-in-chief candidate for president in 2016.  In an ironic partisan turn from the American political environment circa 2004 or so, that mantle absolutely and squarely belongs to Hillary Clinton. And this warmongering is not new.  While in the Senate representing […]

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Dear Hillary Clinton: “No Fly, No Buy” is Equally Illegal as “Stop-and-Frisk”

During the first 2016 presidential debate a couple of weeks ago, Hillary Clinton chastised Donald Trump on the unconstitutionality of so-called “stop-and-frisk” policies of urban policing (specifically in New York City).  And credit where it is due, she is right – warrantless, unprompted searches conducted upon pedestrians simply because they are in “public” clearly violates […]

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