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The Parkland School Shooting: A Colossal Model of Government Failure

Obviously, debates (if they could truthfully be called that) regarding the Second Amendment are routinely and fervently reignited every time a new tragedy makes the media’s bloodlust cutline.  This is, of course, no different in light of the Parkland school shooting in recent days. In my many discussions with gun control advocates, be they civil […]

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Scathing Injunction Ordered for California’s “Large-Capacity Magazine” Possession Ban

Although only a temporary victory, in the court case Duncan v. Bacerra (3:17-cv-1017-BEN), Federal Judge Roger Benitez issued an injunction on enforcement of California’s extension of its so-called “large-capacity magazine” (LCM) ban, heretofore otherwise set to go into effect 1 July 2017.  This particular statute, passed by public proposition in 2016, expands upon California’s existing […]

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The DoD Finally Recognizes the Absurdity of “Gun-Free Zones”

In an interesting pre-Trump move, the Department of Defense (DoD) has notionally rescinded the so-called “gun-free zone” restrictions for military installations which have effectively, and ironically, made them soft targets in the recent past. Many pro-Second Amendment groups and individuals have called on the president-elect to take such a policy action upon assuming office in […]

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Another “Gun-Free” Zone, Another Soft Target of Opportunity

Sadly, this intuitive correlation was again exploited recently at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College, where an individual with likely mental problems took the lives of nine (at the time of this writing) innocent American lives.   Sadder still, is the fact that this correlation is both easy to identify and practicable to address. For many in this […]

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Sadly, Another “Gun-Free Zone” Failure

Early reports indicate that a likely Islam-inspired lone terrorist killed four Marines in two separate shooting incidents in Chattanooga, Tennessee today. I will not grant the alleged perpetrator the dignity or respect of mentioning his name here, as such cowards deserve neither. But if these initial findings are true, they do not square with the […]

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