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Lowering Standards

It’s what we do. Reportedly, the Marines are “easing” physical requirements that have “inhibited female infantry officer” candidates. The US Marine Corps will no longer require prospective officers to pass a punishing combat endurance test to graduate from the service’s Infantry Officer Course. … The course is considered among the military’s toughest training programs, with […]

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Apparently World War III is Inevitable

One of the numerous reasons I refused to vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential elections was her open and wanton desire to start World War III with Russia (on top of her general warmongering nature).  Though I also did not vote for Donald Trump (for various reasons), I at least thought that he […]

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The DoD Finally Recognizes the Absurdity of “Gun-Free Zones”

In an interesting pre-Trump move, the Department of Defense (DoD) has notionally rescinded the so-called “gun-free zone” restrictions for military installations which have effectively, and ironically, made them soft targets in the recent past. Many pro-Second Amendment groups and individuals have called on the president-elect to take such a policy action upon assuming office in […]

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Happy Veterans’ Day, America

And remember: if you support statist policies that infringe individual rights and freedoms – especially constitutionally-protected ones – you cannot accurately claim to actually support our troops or veterans.

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Hillary Clinton Voters Cannot Claim to be Anti-War

Say what you will about Donald Trump as a person but he is not the warmonger-in-chief candidate for president in 2016.  In an ironic partisan turn from the American political environment circa 2004 or so, that mantle absolutely and squarely belongs to Hillary Clinton. And this warmongering is not new.  While in the Senate representing […]

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Sadly, Another “Gun-Free Zone” Failure

Early reports indicate that a likely Islam-inspired lone terrorist killed four Marines in two separate shooting incidents in Chattanooga, Tennessee today. I will not grant the alleged perpetrator the dignity or respect of mentioning his name here, as such cowards deserve neither. But if these initial findings are true, they do not square with the […]

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Shamefully Disappointing If True

There is certainly no shortage of ineptitude, corruption, or general ineffectiveness in State affairs, particularly the higher up one goes, but it is truly disheartening to learn that these characteristics may have permeated what has long been considered hallowed ground, even in Big Government circles.   Following recent Government Services Administration, Secret Service, and Internal […]


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Equal Opportunity in the Armed Forces? We Shall See.

Late last month, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced a broad intention to lift the longstanding restrictions pertaining to the allowable role(s) that female service members could facilitate in direct combat operations and corresponding occupational specialties.   This policy shift should be viewed by advocates of government propriety as a significant victory; respectable government behavior inherently […]

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Women to Attend Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course

Last week, the Marine Corps announced that it would open its Infantry Officer Course to women on an exploratory basis as part of a deliberative effort to determine how/if women can be effectively integrated into full combat roles and occupational specialties.  Given that the Corps is developing “’gender neutral’ physical fitness tests” in conjunction with […]

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The Improbable Rescue of Captain Roger Locher

The attached video is a compelling relation of the remarkable efforts undertaken by the Seventh Air Force to rescue Captain Roger Locher, a downed Air Force F-4 weapons systems officer, from North Vietnam on 10 May 1972.  Captain Locher spent a war record 23 days evading capture and his rescue was the deepest ever attempted […]

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