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If You Are Choosing Sides in Charlottesville, You Are Part of the Problem

There is plenty of blame to go around, for those interested at all in the truth: from the police, who were clearly and purposefully derelict of duty; and the ignorant, bigoted protesters who seek to drum up contention and conflict for their own ends; to the domestic terrorists who seem to always show up looking […]

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How the Mainstream Media Continues to Cultivate an Untrustworthy Image

Recently, the University of Missouri’s Reynolds Journalism Institute conducted a relatively large survey seeking to quantitatively determine which news organizations Americans trust.  Unsurprisingly, CNN fell squarely within the “Least Trusted” category of outcomes.  Even more recently, CNN exemplified why. First, the brief background context. In July, a Google employee named James Damore drafted a memorandum […]

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The GOP is a Fraudulent Organization

And, as with other organizations (e.g., corporations and unions), it should be held legally responsible for this wanton fraud.  That is what Virginia Republican donor Bob Heghmann is seeking to do.  Last week, he filed suit alleging fraud and racketeering against the State and federal GOP, asserting they knowingly solicited millions in donations in exchange […]

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