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The Improbable Rescue of Captain Roger Locher

The attached video is a compelling relation of the remarkable efforts undertaken by the Seventh Air Force to rescue Captain Roger Locher, a downed Air Force F-4 weapons systems officer, from North Vietnam on 10 May 1972.  Captain Locher spent a war record 23 days evading capture and his rescue was the deepest ever attempted […]

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How the Gay Marriage Debate Exemplifies Big Government

Virtually everyone nowadays has an opinion regarding the issue of gay marriage.  Both political sides – Republicans and Democrats – make declarative points and counterpoints as to the nature of equality, morality, and such but few politicians are actually taking the correct stance, from the point of view of a just role for government and […]

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Maryland Handgun Law Ruled Too Restrictive

In what might be considered a remarkable continuation of recent official recognitions of the constitutional and natural right to obtain and maintain the relevant means to self-defense, a federal judge ruled Maryland’s highly restrictive firearms permit laws as unconstitutional today.  District Judge Benson Legg wrote that “a citizen may not be required to offer a […]

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Has “Civilized” Society Truly Progressed?

It seems that the more people insist that human beings are far more civilized than their barbaric ancestors from antiquity simply because we have greater access to information, modern healthcare, and advanced technologies at our collective disposal, the more evidence we tend to stumble across that suggests this simply is not true.  While it is […]

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