The Parkland School Shooting: A Colossal Model of Government Failure

Obviously, debates (if they could truthfully be called that) regarding the Second Amendment are routinely and fervently reignited every time a new tragedy makes the media’s bloodlust cutline.  This is, of course, no different in light of the Parkland school shooting in recent days.

In my many discussions with gun control advocates, be they civil or otherwise, I have noted a common theme generally emerges: guns, it is often posited, do not belong in the hands of civilians – especially certain cosmetically marginalized firearms.  This theory necessarily goes further: not only should they not be in civilian hands, but they are unnecessarily so, as it is the State’s job to protect us.

While this last point is highly debatable, as presented it does not address the efficacy of the theory at all.  And if there is but one thing to conclude from the facts available related to the Parkland school shooting (as well as many, many others), is that State efficacy was clearly absent at all phases leading up to and immediately following this tragic incident.

-We now know that local police had more than reasonable opportunity to diagnose this individual as a threat to society well before these tragic events, as they were reportedly dispatched to his home 39 (!) times over the course of 7 years.

-We now know, too, that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was actually warned about the young man months in advance.  Another opportunity lost.

-Further (and perhaps most damning to this theory), a local sheriff’s deputy, who was assigned to the school specifically to provide for its students’ and faculty’s protection, failed to even enter the school and offer any resistance during the shooting at all.  The victims were left to fend for themselves all while the State’s agent stood by and did nothing meaningful at all that we can discern.

-Lastly (maybe – information is still forthcoming after all), confusion over a time delay in surveillance footage directly attributed to the suspect’s ability to simply walk out of the school unabated for over an hour, leaving it solely to God’s grace that he was apparently uninterested in attacking even more people in the intervening timeframe.

No, I am afraid this posited theory fails on its merits, as many people intuitively understand it inherently will.  To gun control advocates’ offers and assurances that the State will be there to protect my family and me, I say simply, politely, and definitively: no thank you.  I choose to retain my right to do so myself, and in whichever manner or means I see fit.


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