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Do Black Lives Matter?

Of course they do. Or at the very least, they should. But then, I believe all lives matter and, unlike former Maryland Governor and 2016 Democratic presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley, I will not apologize for that principle. But an inherent conflict exists in the shadows of society that must nonetheless be reconciled if a serious […]

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Sadly, Another “Gun-Free Zone” Failure

Early reports indicate that a likely Islam-inspired lone terrorist killed four Marines in two separate shooting incidents in Chattanooga, Tennessee today. I will not grant the alleged perpetrator the dignity or respect of mentioning his name here, as such cowards deserve neither. But if these initial findings are true, they do not square with the […]

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Planned Parenthood Is Not a Human Rights Organization

As I discussed some time back, abortion is, in my view, the modern manifestation of a continued trend in human societies to legitimize atrocious behavior toward the weak and/or defenseless (i.e., minority segments in those societies). Much as various collections of peoples throughout history have marginalized ethnic minorities (and still do) as being somehow subhuman […]

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Equal Outcomes and Equal Opportunity Are Not the Same Things

As part of Defense Department surveys meant to determine the feasibility and effectiveness associated with opening full combat roles to women in the armed forces, in recent years some of the services have experimentally enrolled females into traditional all-male schools on a voluntary basis. Three years ago, the Marine Corps opened its grueling Infantry Officer […]

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Healthcare and the State

Recently, the Supreme Court interpreted certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as being lawful by ignoring its documented plain language, and by applying consequentialist rationale with respect to what a Congress meant that no longer sits. Be that as it may, this ruling should have come as no surprise as the Court already […]

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