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Twitter, Censorship, and Hypocrisy

Reports are circulating that Twitter has begun purging so-called “Alt-Right” user accounts in the wake of Donald Trump’s unprecedented presidential victory last week.  Although bans of these sort have occurred in the recent past prior to the election, it seems this round is much wider sweeping than the previous “onesies and twosies” that occurred here […]

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Facebook Sued as a Terrorist Platform

In another example of the modern caricature of justice known as “jackpot justice,” a group of lawyers is now suing Facebook for $1 billion (!) for alleged providing a social media platform from which Palestinian terrorists were able to coordinate and subsequently execute violent attacks which killed four Americans and wounded another in Israel and […]

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The Media Corrupts Our Perceptions

The following is a very deserving article repost, discussing the corrupting nature of the media as it relates to perceptions and reality, and its broader effects on the human psyche: From Psychology Today, “If It Bleeds, It Leads: Understanding Fear-Based Media,” by Deborah Serani, Psy.D. News is a money making industry. One that doesn’t always […]

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