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Horror in Japan Too

Echoing the sentiments recently discussed regarding France and Germany, Japan also is not immune to evil and violence, despite the virtual elimination of firearms in that nation. Due to a near-full disarmament of its civilian populace, this mentally unstable young man allegedly had roughly 40 minutes (!) at his disposal to knife to death 19 […]

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France and Germany are Having a Tough Go Lately

Most people are aware of the largest terrorist attacks that have rocked Paris and Nice in recent months, and the Charlie Hebdo attacks that preceded them, but whether terrorism-related or just “plain” crime, both countries are seeing their fair shares of violence recently. In France: –Driver attempts to run over pedestrians, injuring several in Dijon […]

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What an Armed and Responsible Citizenry Practically Brings To the Table

I just completed reading Tough Targets: When Criminals Face Armed Resistance From Citizens and I have to say, this was an excellently presented piece of research that details actual incidences of ordinary citizens protecting themselves, their loved ones, strangers, and property from the intrusions (in various forms) of violent criminals. As most reasonable people understand, […]

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