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Alabama Getting Out of the Marriage Business?

Or, more accurately, it appears Alabama may be getting out of the business of violently regulating marriage.  Alabama Senate Bill 20 passed a key procedural hurdle last week, receiving a 9-0 vote from the state’s Senate Judiciary Committee on 23 February.  The bill now moves before the full state Senate. This legislation would effectively nullify […]

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Sheriffs and the Constitution

As United States marshals recently attempted to forcibly evict the occupants of a Carlsbad home and subsequently confiscate that property for punitive auction, Eddy County Sheriff Scott London directly intervened on the owner’s/occupant’s behalf. The issue at hand appears to be an alleged failure to pay federal taxes but court documents reportedly indicate that “the […]

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The Constitution to Blame for Congressional Gridlock?

Apparently, President Obama believes that the Senate’s constitutional mandate to equally represent each state “puts [Democrats] at a disadvantage.” Well, this certainly may be true from his or other Democrats’ perspective (or Republicans’ in different circumstances), but this makeup also represents a novel institutional concept once known as federal republicanism. The States created the federal […]

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