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Another Apparently Unjustified Police Shooting

This time in South Florida, where police armed with AR-15s (possibly the fully-automatic military versions of the weapons that are generally unavailable to civilians) engaged and wounded a special needs caregiver, Charles Kinsey, who was reportedly attempting to return his autistic patient/client to the facility from which he had strayed.  The patient, identified only as […]

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Two Wrongs Do Not Make a Right

Only correcting the wrongs can do that. In the aftermath of recent police shootings across the nation, perceived correctly or not as being unjustified, a few individuals reportedly attacked Dallas-area police officers and others yesterday with targeted sniper fire, killing five and wounding seven (as of this writing). As I have written before, perceptions of […]

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Chicago Police Officer Charged with Murder

Most people are at least casually aware that Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke is now charged with murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.  Some people have taken the time to view the graphic video that captured the immediate events leading up to and including his death.  I have no doubt that […]

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Murder Charges Filed

A South Carolina police officer, Michael Slager, has been terminated and officially charged with homicide in the shooting death of Walter Scott. The video of this incident serves as the primary evidentiary catalyst for the charges, and depicts what I consider to be a textbook “bad shoot,” if not outright coldblooded murder. Officer Slager essentially […]

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The Aftermath of the Ferguson Police Shooting and Economic Disparity

I believe that people, police and civilians alike, possess a natural right to defend themselves and others with lethal force when legitimately warranted. I also recognize that police officers are as human as the rest of us and thus not inherently above reproach. I believe that the increasing militarization of American police – though not […]

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