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Another American Citizen Killed By an Agent of the State

This time in Louisiana.  Question for all the anti-gun types out there that are tired of the annual killings  ongoing by police in this country (now up to 505 at the time of this writing for 2016 already, more than double the deaths resulting from mass shootings this year by at least one accounting):  are […]

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More Gun Control Kabuki Theater

Typically, the hoplophobes in society make their loudest and most emotionally-charged pleas for yet more so-called “gun control” following an advantageously cherry-picked mass shooting of some sort.  Despite the fact that these incidents are so rare as to fit the very definition of being statistically insignificant, these are nonetheless the events which garner the most […]

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Another “Gun-Free” Zone, Another Soft Target of Opportunity

Sadly, this intuitive correlation was again exploited recently at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College, where an individual with likely mental problems took the lives of nine (at the time of this writing) innocent American lives.   Sadder still, is the fact that this correlation is both easy to identify and practicable to address. For many in this […]

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Homicide Is a Human Characteristic, Not a Uniquely American One

President Obama commonly asserts that the United States is the only advanced country in the world that commonly experiences mass murder1 as a talking point to justify pursuit of greater gun control measures. Notwithstanding how one defines “common” to fit one’s agenda or cherry-picking how, when, and where said murders are carried out, nonetheless considerable […]

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