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Another “Gun-Free” Zone, Another Soft Target of Opportunity

Sadly, this intuitive correlation was again exploited recently at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College, where an individual with likely mental problems took the lives of nine (at the time of this writing) innocent American lives.   Sadder still, is the fact that this correlation is both easy to identify and practicable to address. For many in this […]

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Homicide Is a Human Characteristic, Not a Uniquely American One

President Obama commonly asserts that the United States is the only advanced country in the world that commonly experiences mass murder1 as a talking point to justify pursuit of greater gun control measures. Notwithstanding how one defines “common” to fit one’s agenda or cherry-picking how, when, and where said murders are carried out, nonetheless considerable […]

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Initial Thoughts on the South Carolina Church Shooting

Last night, Dylann Storm Roof allegedly walked into the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, and proceeded to shoot and kill nine people, while wounding others. My immediate prediction last night, beyond anticipating the obvious anti-gun rhetoric that everyone must have known would follow, was that the young man would be linked […]

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Mass Murder Not Just Firearms-Related Incidents

…Nor are these events prevented by even the world’s most totalitarian states and their respective societal gun control restrictions.  As reported yesterday, an apparent group of terrorists wielding knives killed at least 29 people and injured another 143 in China’s Kunming Railway Station, located in the country’s south-central Yunnan Province. A few of the assailants […]

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The Gun Control Cycle Continues

By now, virtually everyone has at least heard of the tragic events that unfolded sometime around midnight early Friday morning at a movie premiere in Aurora, Colorado.  As tragic as these events were, where 12 people have thus far lost their lives and dozens more were injured, the predictable clamors for gun control have begun […]

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