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Big Government is an Insanely Overbearing Boyfriend

(Source: Independent Institute)   Episodes: “An Education in Debt”   “Protection from Jobs”   “A Remedy for Healthcare Choices”   “House Poor”   “Keeping a Close Eye on Privacy”   Advertisements

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Sheriffs and the Constitution

As United States marshals recently attempted to forcibly evict the occupants of a Carlsbad home and subsequently confiscate that property for punitive auction, Eddy County Sheriff Scott London directly intervened on the owner’s/occupant’s behalf. The issue at hand appears to be an alleged failure to pay federal taxes but court documents reportedly indicate that “the […]

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Happy Birthday America

Happy 236th America.  Let us raise our glasses in birthday toast to the nation’s past and future. Here is to remembering that the United States of America is the longest-tenured federal republic in the world, with the longest-standing Constitution still in use.  Here is to acknowledging just how unique the American independence movement was and […]

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