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Barack Obama Truly was a “Change” President

Famously and amorphously promising “hope and change” in 2008, Barack Obama swept into the Oval Office on a wave of identity politics and apparent electoral lust for political change. But now that the dust has settled following his eight year run and the substance of his policies, decisions, and actions as president have become real, […]

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Hey Democrats! We Need You to Get Your Act Together! (Repost)

Stumbled across this today and it is an interesting take on this most recent electoral cycle from a presumably left-libertarian.  As posted by Eric Raymond on Armed and Dangerous (all emphases and links in original): It’s now just a bit over a month since Election Day, and I’m starting to be seriously concerned about the […]

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You are Still Crying Wolf (Repost)

Scott Alexander at Slate Star Codex compiled a well-reasoned indictment of the heretofore repeatedly discussed “crying wolf” phenomenon on the Left’s part, using solid facts and logic.  No ad hominem.  No straw men.  No appeals to probability. If you are a Democrat, pro-Clinton, anti-Trump (or whomever), I have always invited substantive discussions and criticisms of […]

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It Looks Like Republicans are Slow Learners Too

Reports indicate that House Republicans just unanimously chose Paul Ryan (R-WI) to once again serve as House Speaker. Yes, Donald Trump’s victory was a partial indictment of Democrats, their policies, and other liberal-oriented grievances.  But, it was also an indictment of Washington’s oligarchical status quo, globalism, and general corruption/malfeasance – all things that Ryan is […]

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Democrats are Slow Learners, I Guess

To be fair, the sting is real and still very raw.  But, it certainly appears that Democrats are failing to recognize (or acknowledge) some key lessons from this election. As one Twitter user put it: This appears to be a teachable lesson that, at least for the moment, is lost on many liberals. As I […]

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What Will it Take for Democrats to Reject Hillary Clinton?

Seriously, what will it take? Proof that she behaved egregiously negligently at best, if not outright willingly criminal, in the handling of national security materials?  No. A demonstrable inability to manage national-level crises with professionalism or effective leadership?  Nope. Her thinly-veiled contempt, if not outright hatred, of the very demographics she seeks to court?  Nah. […]

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