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More on Violent Crime and American Cities

While researching the previous post regarding violent crime rates in some of America’s cities, I found myself wondering just how much of a curve effect America’s largest cities have on the nation’s average violent crime and murder/non-negligent manslaughter (NNM) rates overall. As previously cited, the national averages for overall violent crime and murder/NNM rates for […]

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Homicide Is a Human Characteristic, Not a Uniquely American One

President Obama commonly asserts that the United States is the only advanced country in the world that commonly experiences mass murder1 as a talking point to justify pursuit of greater gun control measures. Notwithstanding how one defines “common” to fit one’s agenda or cherry-picking how, when, and where said murders are carried out, nonetheless considerable […]

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“More Guns, More Death!” Catchy, But Patently False.

The president recently dealt a significant blow to criminal actors, organized and individual alike, that seek to perpetrate wanton sprees of violence by executively enacting new restrictions on the re-importation of surplus military weapons and ammunition, and the possession of Class III firearms by corporate officers.  Both policies aim to debilitate these evildoers’ respective means […]

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When the State Acknowledges Its Own Laws Will Fail

Vice President Joe Biden has now publicly acknowledged that gun control legislation of the type currently proposed will do nothing substantively to eliminate firearms-related massacres like the catalyzing event that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut in December.  So, given that even the administration’s gun control “task force” lead has essentially admitted this proposal can only serve […]

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What an Armed and Responsible Citizenry Practically Brings To the Table

I just completed reading Tough Targets: When Criminals Face Armed Resistance From Citizens and I have to say, this was an excellently presented piece of research that details actual incidences of ordinary citizens protecting themselves, their loved ones, strangers, and property from the intrusions (in various forms) of violent criminals. As most reasonable people understand, […]

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