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Tired of Labels

“I’m Tired of Being Labeled” – OWN TV Much respect is due to Ms. Raven Simone Pearman of The Cosby Show fame for recognizing the value and virtue of individualism during a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey. I can certainly empathize with her position on preferring to forego labels, particularly as it relates to cultural, […]

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Resist the Mob Mentality

Do not be sheeple. We are all unique individuals, exercise your intellect and question the logical and ethical legitimacy of crowd-think as a foundation for how we interact with each other. Mob rule is not a substantive hallmark of an enlightened or reasonably evolved society of individuals. (Sootch00)

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Individualism Vs. Collectivism

Given the heating Republican race for the presidential candidacy nomination and the fact that President Obama will soon be defending his own record in office against whoever receives it, it is important to differentiate between individualism and collectivism when scrutinizing the various key players (or anyone for that matter). In this context, individualism is the […]

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