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How the Mainstream Media Continues to Cultivate an Untrustworthy Image

Recently, the University of Missouri’s Reynolds Journalism Institute conducted a relatively large survey seeking to quantitatively determine which news organizations Americans trust.  Unsurprisingly, CNN fell squarely within the “Least Trusted” category of outcomes.  Even more recently, CNN exemplified why. First, the brief background context. In July, a Google employee named James Damore drafted a memorandum […]

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Twitter, Censorship, and Hypocrisy

Reports are circulating that Twitter has begun purging so-called “Alt-Right” user accounts in the wake of Donald Trump’s unprecedented presidential victory last week.  Although bans of these sort have occurred in the recent past prior to the election, it seems this round is much wider sweeping than the previous “onesies and twosies” that occurred here […]

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