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Barack Obama’s Legacy

Now that Donald Trump’s inauguration as 45th President of the United States is less than a week away, what should we make of Barack Obama’s legacy? “Obamacare” Many people will no doubt point to President Obama’s stewarding of the Affordable Care Act through Congress as the crowning – at least, legislative – achievement of his […]

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Barack Obama Truly was a “Change” President

Famously and amorphously promising “hope and change” in 2008, Barack Obama swept into the Oval Office on a wave of identity politics and apparent electoral lust for political change. But now that the dust has settled following his eight year run and the substance of his policies, decisions, and actions as president have become real, […]

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Hillary Clinton is Most Qualified Presidential Candidate in History

This, according to a recent proclamation by President Barack Obama.  And it is not often I agree with the president, but in this case I most certainly do.  There simply is no one I can think of, at least in recent memory, who is a bigger liar, more corrupt, or more power drunk than Ms. […]

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Trump has Never Read the Constitution

This implied assertion, according to the Washington Post. If true, this should not surprise anyone, particularly since neither George W. Bush, Barack Obama, nor Hillary Clinton have read the treaty between the States either.  Indeed, neither has anyone in Congress.  Or, at least, they may have read it but they certainly paid/pay it no mind […]

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Michelle O Is Not Jackie O

Judging from the look on the first lady’s face, for the first time in your presidency you are in so much trouble Mr. President…     (Source: AP/Matt Dunham)  (Source: Getty)    (Source: @madskolby)

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