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Hey Democrats! We Need You to Get Your Act Together! (Repost)

Stumbled across this today and it is an interesting take on this most recent electoral cycle from a presumably left-libertarian.  As posted by Eric Raymond on Armed and Dangerous (all emphases and links in original): It’s now just a bit over a month since Election Day, and I’m starting to be seriously concerned about the […]

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Clinton, Trump, the Media, and Groupthink

The mainstream media continually points out that Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump heading into November’s general election, but how accurate are these polling results? There is some reason to believe that certain mainstream media outlets, such as CBS and NBC, have routinely oversampled Democrats – purposefully or not is anyone’s supposition – with the net […]

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What Will it Take for Democrats to Reject Hillary Clinton?

Seriously, what will it take? Proof that she behaved egregiously negligently at best, if not outright willingly criminal, in the handling of national security materials?  No. A demonstrable inability to manage national-level crises with professionalism or effective leadership?  Nope. Her thinly-veiled contempt, if not outright hatred, of the very demographics she seeks to court?  Nah. […]

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Vote for Hillary Clinton Because She is a Woman!

The attached video perfectly conveys the absolute absurdity of the identity politics that have fully gripped the American electorate. (Source: ReasonTV)

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If You are Tired of Hyperpartisan Nonsense…

…I highly recommend checking out the first ever (televised) Libertarian Party primary debate between Austin Petersen (CEO of Stonegait LLC ), John McAfee (of McAfee Anti-Virus fame), and Gary Johnson (the former 29th Governor of New Mexico) that aired on Fox Business Network Friday, 1 April 2016.  The candidates were often humorous in their exchanges, […]

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