If You Are Choosing Sides in Charlottesville, You Are Part of the Problem

There is plenty of blame to go around, for those interested at all in the truth: from the police, who were clearly and purposefully derelict of duty; and the ignorant, bigoted protesters who seek to drum up contention and conflict for their own ends; to the domestic terrorists who seem to always show up looking for a fight, because they fundamentally believe violence is the solution to all of their perceived problems.

With respect to the protesters and the anti-protesters, virtually all of them are fundamentally bad people in their own ways.  This is not remotely close to a binary dynamic.  Picking and choosing which ones are more or less bad is a corruption of values and ethics, a Hobson’s choice if there ever was one.  They should all be denounced for the choices they make and the behaviors they undertake.  Just because one side is obviously immoral does not mean the contra-side is not equally so, albeit perhaps in (maybe) slightly different ways.

This was, at its core, two groups of fascists fighting one another.  Trying to find a good person somewhere among them must be akin to Abraham’s challenge to identify 10 (down from an initial 50) righteous people in Sodom.

If you are aligning with one side or the other in this case, then you are taking some degree of ownership of that particular version of wrong, and you are therefore contributing to the problem writ large.


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