The GOP is a Fraudulent Organization

And, as with other organizations (e.g., corporations and unions), it should be held legally responsible for this wanton fraud.  That is what Virginia Republican donor Bob Heghmann is seeking to do.  Last week, he filed suit alleging fraud and racketeering against the State and federal GOP, asserting they knowingly solicited millions in donations in exchange for a promised repeal of ObamaCare, full-well knowing they could not (or would not) do so.

I support this action, though I am cynical enough to recognize that if the government has any say this action will likely fail.  I would be more understanding of the checks and balances system if the Republicans did not control both Houses of Congress and the presidency (not to mention a majority of the State legislatures and governorships), or if the resulting legislation were somehow overturned by a federal court.  But, the GOP has no excuse this time around.  Millions of people have mobilized and worked tirelessly to fund the organization and to get its members elected, based almost unilaterally on this one promise (at least in the last half-dozen years or so).

If there were ever a compelling case to make for political fraud, this would most certainly be it.


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