General Thoughts on the Comey, Sessions Congressional Testimonies

My overall thoughts on the recent congressional testimonies of former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey and sitting Attorney General Jeff Sessions can be summed up thusly: pure Kabuki Theater.  Or, to quote something funny and apropos I saw on Twitter: they are “a big fat nothingburger.”

Honestly, I should care a lot more about this than I do.  I would care about these testimonies a lot more if I thought people were genuinely concerned with the truth.  But it is my experience and observation that virtually no one cares about the truth (including the very congressmen shepherding this public sham).  The only thing people care about in this context – if they care at all – is politically tearing down the guy/gal they dislike (whether deserved or not) or rationalizing/defending/justifying the guy/gal they like (whether deserved or not).  This associated inconsistency of principles is too exhausting to keep up with and the resulting hypocrisy is just too much to tolerate.

Blaming politicians for our societal woes is simply an abrogation of responsibility and ignores the inherent action-reaction nature of political haymaking.  Our political system is broken because our society is fractured, not the other way around.

There are myriad reasons for this, but it is a monumental waste of time and effort to bicker back and forth about geopolitical/socioeconomic disagreements when just about everyone involved in the bickering is completely unconcerned about actual truth – indeed, they are willing to invest considerable energy to avoid reconciling themselves with it.

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