Congressional Republicans are Completely Full of It

For the immediate six years following the party-line enactment of the Affordable Care Act, when Republicans initially took control of the House of Representatives and eventually the Senate as well, the GOP v0ted on no less than 52 (!) separate measures aiming to repeal the terrible legislation.

At a time when Republicans did not fully control the United States Senate, and certainly could not likely get any repeal effort past the Democrat president’s veto at any rate, they nonetheless had no trouble putting together their “ideal” repeal plan(s) over and over again, or repeatedly pushing it in the House ad nauseam.  Now that they have full control of the Congress and presidency, however, and consequently have zero excuses and full ownership of any and all legislation they wish to pass, repeal of Obamacare has predictably hit intraparty “snags.”

If Republicans were genuinely “fighting the good fight” against Big Government overreach all this time, why not simply submit one of these 52 bills as previously written and passed by the House (at least), and get it done?  The obvious reason is that those 52 previous measures were nothing more than populist posturing, meant to grandstand against the bill as a means of garnering votes.  And now that the GOP has the votes, their name is officially on the blame line.

Early reports suggest the GOP “repeal” is nothing more than Obamacare Lite, chock-full of similar entitlements, forced coercion, and taxesEarly “highlights” include:

-a 30% “penalty” for failure to retain continuous coverage.

-state subsidization for “high-risk,” socialized coverage pools.

-extension of enrollees’ access to federally funded subsidies.

All of this is hardly consistent with objections to the previous president’s “draconian” bill, given that it seems to do some (if not many) of the same things.  Of course, for those who have actually been paying attention over the years, this should come as no surprise whatsoever.

I have argued for some time that there is very little, if any, difference between Republicans and Democrats when the chips are fully down.  And similar to Dr. Thomas Sowell’s astute observation that Barack Obama was too cowardly to be a true socialist, so too are Republicans apparently too timid to be a party of limited government.

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