Republicans are Socialists Too

“A group of prominent Republicans and business leaders backing a tax on carbon dioxide were taking their case Wednesday to top White House aides…” (emphasis added).  Yes, you read that right: members of the supposed “small government” party would like to achieve the penultimate in global environmental socialism – cap and trade – by taxing the natural byproduct of your living respiration.  This is effectively taxing you for living, and as all such taxation does, would undoubtedly adversely impact consumption and consequent standards of living advancements across the globe as investments in power generation will erode in concert with the inherently associated increased costs.  Energy poverty is already a leading killer of humans across the globe (more than malaria and HIV/AIDS combined), but retarding this quality of life is, I guess, the price we (they) have to pay…

“Supporters say the tax is a conservative solution to climate change that replaces a regulatory regime with a free-market approach for addressing the greenhouse gas emissions.”

Really?  So, property confiscation is now a “solution” to climate change?  This tax will simply “end” an unproven theory that its semi-religious adherents assert (probably hyperbolically) is so dangerous it will end all mankind?  Call me skeptical, as always.  As Thomas Pyle points out, “this is not a climate proposal; it’s a tax proposal.”

Also, by definition, there is nothing “free-market” about any sort of taxation.  Hint: freedom and violent coercion/property confiscation are inherently antithetical to each other.

All this while governments already wastefully and fraudulently line the pockets of power companies at their constituents’ confiscated expense.  Even Al Gore noted in bonus material for An Inconvenient Truth that “a lot of business leaders are changing their positions.  New businesses and CEOs and corporations every week are now joining this new bandwagon saying ‘we want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.'”  Indeed.  I am sure their new outlook has nothing whatever to do with the guaranteed stream of revenues, subsidies, and tax credits that government-sponsored violence in the form of a public tax policy presents, and everything to do with altruism.

Everyone wants to get their time at the taxpayer-financed environmentalism/climate change trough, it seems.  As I have pointed out before, green is the new red, and Republicans are every bit as greedy as their Democrat contemporaries.

The only difference between Right and Left oligarchs are the ways in which they rationalize and sell their particular brand of socialist thievery.


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