Barack Obama Truly was a “Change” President

Famously and amorphously promising “hope and change” in 2008, Barack Obama swept into the Oval Office on a wave of identity politics and apparent electoral lust for political change.

But now that the dust has settled following his eight year run and the substance of his policies, decisions, and actions as president have become real, one true nature of this “change” is revealed.

During his tenure, President Obama’s party has lost a staggering 1,000+ office seats across the United States – as sure an indictment of the merit of his party’s governance, as lead by him as the standard bearer, as there ever was one.

This outcome is doubly shocking when you consider Democrats have historically held a stranglehold on the Congress and most state legislatures for the better part of three (or more) generations.

(To be fair, this general swing toward Republicans actually started under President Bill Clinton’s watch and its origin can be at least notionally traced to the passage of the so-called “assault weapons ban” of 1994.  But, that trend temporarily reversed toward the end of President George W. Bush’s tenure and has since swung back and dramatically accelerated under President Obama.)

I pointed out following his 2012 electoral victory that President Obama possessed no discernable “mandate” back then, given the Republicans’ far more numerous victories in the Congress and across the States.  It seems going all-in for far-Left statist goals has come home to roost and ultimately cost the Democrats their bench, as Eric Raymond so aptly put it.

As with most things, politics are cyclical and the pendulum is presently swinging away from the Left due to, in simplistic summation, overreach.  Eventually, the Right will overreach for its own brand of statism as well and the corrective process will likely begin anew.  But until that seeming inevitability occurs – which could just as feasibly take a couple of generations as the cycle preceding it did – it appears that Democrats are perfectly content with promoting the “shovel-ready jobs” of digging their own holes.


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