If You are Violently Protesting this Election, You are a Terrorist

“Terrorism” is defined as follows:

ter·ror·ism  (tĕr′ə-rĭz′əm) n. 

The use of violence or the threat of violence, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political goals (emphasis added).

As you can see, those who have taken to the streets to riot and/or destroy property, attack civilians, general calls for violence, and called for Donald Trump’s assassination are all – by definition – domestic terrorists.1

The ethical way to combat perceived bad ideas is with good ideas.  Combating ideas (or, in this case, the peaceful exercise of electoral process) with violence is an open admission of weakness in one’s own position.   But of course, Democrats have never been very good at winning on the merits of their ideas, and liberals generally exhibit less self-control than conservatives.  You will recall in both 2008 and especially 2012, many conservatives and small government libertarians were quite disappointed – downright angry, even – that Barack Obama won those contests, but what you did not see as a response were vast swaths of the electorate taking to the streets to perpetrate violence and online calls for said violence and assaults from prominent media pundits and Tinsel Towners with fanatic platforms.  Inciting or threatening mass violence in pursuit of political ideology also qualifies as terrorism.

Ironically, most of these people who are violently reacting to Trump’s electoral victory because they want more and bigger government are about to receive both in response to their actions.

As I often say, you may get what you want, but the real question is whether you are going to want what you get.



1 As an aside, all the liberals who traditionally accuse conservatives (or, at least, Trump supporters) of being violent, hateful, and divisive are and were just demonstrating classic psychological projection.  They may have genuinely expected conservatives to act in this manner, despite the historic evidence to the contrary, because they knew deep down how they would react in reverse circumstances – as we all now see.


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