Benghazi Embassy Attack an “Inside Job?”

Reports now indicate that at least a portion of the terrorists who killed four Americans in the 2012 Benghazi embassy attack were composed of the embassy’s own security staff.

Hired locally to man a State Department security contract just a couple of months before the attack, the security guards reportedly “were unvetted and were locals with basically no background at all in providing security.”  Additionally, “the guards who were hired were locals who were part of the Ansar al-Sharia and al Qaeda groups operating in Benghazi,” as well as some who were members of the February 17th Martyrs Brigade.

According to a source, “Blue Mountain Libya [the contract company], at the time of being awarded the contract by our State Department, had no employees to they quickly had to find people to work, regardless of their backgrounds.”  A different source on the ground indicated that “at least four of the guards hired by Blue Mountain took part in the attack after opening doors to allow their confederates in.”  Yet another source indicated that “one of those guards hired by Blue Mountain was the younger brother of the leader of al Qaeda of Benghazi.”

Incidentally, none of the alleged participants have been located, detained, charged, or prosecuted.

So, to recap: the State Department denied repeated embassy requests for increased security, then the “security” that the department eventually acquiesced to provide was apparently staffed with terrorists who later turned on the Americans and slaughtered them like cattle.

This sure does inspire faith in Hillary Clinton’s promises to vet those 65,000 regional “refugees” that she would have pouring into the United States, particularly when the government itself admits it realistically  cannot vet them properly.  After all, the government did a bang up job vetting dozens of terrorists in Benghazi, so what are a few tens of thousands in our own backyard, right?

Since our elected officials clearly have no interest in doing so, it might be time for the people to start educating themselves on a strategic concept known as the fifth column


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