Are Democrats Fundamentally Bad People?

Who can honestly say?  I usually try to avoid indicting overly general swaths of the populace, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the grossly unethical behavior that seemingly attaches itself to the political Left of the United States.

Recent non-exhaustive examples, in no particular order:

Inciting riots and looting of inner-city communities.

Threatening more riots if they do not get their political way.

Encouraging violence at opponents” political rallies.

-Actually coordinating violence at opponents’ political rallies.

-Attempted subversion of a democratic electoral process.

Firebombing political opponents’ offices.

Celebration of the notional possibility that their party leader is a murderer.

Politically-oriented property violence/destruction.

Politically-oriented property theft.

Politically-oriented vandalism.

Violent protests on school campuses.

It seems everywhere one looks nowadays there are fundamentally bad people, notionally associated with the Democrat brand, doing bad things to presumably get their way.

I often find myself disagreeing on policy with the political Right in America.  But I similarly disagree on policy with the Left and find that their supporters tend to be more violent, more hateful, and less tolerant, despite their doublespeak assertions to the contrary.

I can certainly listen to a reasoned argument that conflicts with my own political or other point of view.  I am even willing to change my mind on an issue(s) if the presented case has enough merit.  It certainly would not be a first.  But these examples are increasingly why when Democrats – from the highest-level politicians to average citizens – wrap their arguments in some kind of alleged moral superiority, I tune out.  It is just so difficult to make a morally compelling case from a high ground that is rooted in the gutter.


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