Horror in Japan Too

Echoing the sentiments recently discussed regarding France and Germany, Japan also is not immune to evil and violence, despite the virtual elimination of firearms in that nation.

Due to a near-full disarmament of its civilian populace, this mentally unstable young man allegedly had roughly 40 minutes (!) at his disposal to knife to death 19 people and wound 25 others (as of this writing) at a facility for the disabled before anyone with a firearm was able to stop him.  Indeed, that last point is purely hypothetical, as no one stopped him at all.  He simply completed his task and calmly turned himself in to police roughly 2 hours after the attack’s conclusion.

Further demonstrating the fallacy underlying beliefs that the State generally prevents anything at all, Japanese police came into possession of a letter written by the assailant some five months ago while working at such a facility, in which he “demanded that all disabled people be put to death,” boasted of an “ability to kill 470 disabled people,” and “outlined an attack on two facilities.”  The letter reportedly included the murderer’s “name, address, and telephone number.”  Stellar.

According to one report, “details of the attack, including whether the victims were asleep or otherwise helpless, were not immediately known.”  Well, this is not quite right, is it?  We do know at least some of the victims were helpless, owing to these aforementioned disarmament policies.  A 70-year old disabled person who is being attacked by a 26-year old fit assailant, armed with a knife to boot, is basically the definition of helpless, and is just one reason why firearms for self-defense are so appealing to potential victims who righteously wish to tip the scales of survivability advantageously in their favor.  Something comes to mind about a gun and a knife fight…

What is it that old proverb conveys about the road to Hell and good intentions?

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