What Will it Take for Democrats to Reject Hillary Clinton?

Seriously, what will it take?

Proof that she behaved egregiously negligently at best, if not outright willingly criminal, in the handling of national security materials?  No.

A demonstrable inability to manage national-level crises with professionalism or effective leadership?  Nope.

Her thinly-veiled contempt, if not outright hatred, of the very demographics she seeks to court?  Nah.

Likely abuse of the public trust to unethically enrich herself?  Of course not.

A dyed-in-the-wool back-pocket Wall Street crony capitalist?  (Shaking head.)

Corruption that puts her in the pocket of foreign governments?  (Finger wagging.)

Evidence of enriching herself through the Clinton Foundation via fraudulent accounting practices?  Old hat.

Undeniable evidence that she is a pathological liar, akin to so-called “stolen valor” imposters?  Negative.

How about the fact that she is a demagogic hypocrite?  Afraid not.

Or that she is a legal hypocrite?  No way.

Suggestions that she has been involved in some downright evil deeds?  Never.

Now, she – with the complicit assistance of the Democratic National Committee – has screwed over her own party members through a thoroughly rigged kabuki theater election, and rewarded its most direct architect with a modern day “Corrupt Bargain.”  Given that it is typically Democrats who insist that American politics do not suffer from election fraud, the irony of this outcome is delicious, I have to admit.  It is quite difficult for me to avoid the conclusion that Democrats deserve this.

But seriously, what will it take for her supporters to turn away from her?

At any rate, these email leaks plainly and ironically demonstrate that the Democratic Party cares nothing whatever about the democratic wishes of its constituency, and indeed show a certain racist contempt for the demographics it claims to unilaterally represent.  And, by extension, they inherently imply that Clinton herself cares nothing whatever about the people whom she seeks to court, all the way from up there in her ivory tower.  This is no surprise to me, of course, but it begs the question why her supporters specifically, and Democrats generally, do not ultimately reject this hollow and disingenuous pandering.

I will say this: the fact that she has made it this far simultaneously proves that America truly is the Land of Opportunity (obviously anyone can make it – so no more excuses!) and that the US is likely already the largest banana republic in the history of the world.

If she wins the general election in November, assuming no actual election fraud carries over from the Democratic nomination primary to the national election, it would conclusively signal to me that a bulk of the American electorate is inexcusably ignorant, woefully unintelligent, irredeemably corrupt, or sadly unethical (or possibly some combination of all of these characterizations).


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