Facebook Sued as a Terrorist Platform

In another example of the modern caricature of justice known as “jackpot justice,” a group of lawyers is now suing Facebook for $1 billion (!) for alleged providing a social media platform from which Palestinian terrorists were able to coordinate and subsequently execute violent attacks which killed four Americans and wounded another in Israel and the West Bank.

Never mind that Facebook is clearly not intended to promote or facilitate criminal activity of any kind, yet obviously does so nonetheless across the spectrum of illicit activities – from the aforementioned heinous attacks to so-called “white collar” cybercrimes.  Bad people find ways of using liberties, implements, tools, and opportunities of all types to their advantage, yet this does not make it morally or even legally legitimate to target the innocent third-party for litigious “payback.”

But, this is the world we now live in, a perverse side effect of the human condition combined with prosperity and (relative) freedom.  For those political ideologists who are eager to hold gun manufacturers civilly accountable for misbehaviors that individuals perpetrate, despite the fact that firearms are specifically purpose-built and sold for lawful activities in America, then it is only appropriate and equitable that Facebook, and doubtless soon other companies such as cellphone carrier, internet service providers, and computer manufacturers, be held similarly responsible when bad people misuse their products or services in ways not intended by their respective proprietors.


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