Trump has Never Read the Constitution

This implied assertion, according to the Washington Post.

If true, this should not surprise anyone, particularly since neither George W. Bush, Barack Obama, nor Hillary Clinton have read the treaty between the States either.  Indeed, neither has anyone in Congress.  Or, at least, they may have read it but they certainly paid/pay it no mind whatsoever.  Like his political predecessors, at best he has read the legal charter once or twice but has little respect for its role as the Supreme Law of the Land or its check on unlimited, centralized government power.

But here is another open secret: virtually none of America’s citizens, let alone its voters, have read, understand, or respect the Constitution.

And as a consequence, this is the environment we demand.  As de Maistre pointedly observed, “every nation gets the government it deserves.”  This is no less true today as it was in his day.

By conveniently ignoring the treaty when it suits us, but warmly embracing it when it benefits us, we naturally create an environment of unequal application of the law that, among other things, favors special interests, the “squeaky wheel,” the rich, the political ruling class, and non-substantive demagogues at the expense of individuals and their rights, liberty, and property.  People who support Barack Obama’s unconstitutional political goals have no moral high ground from which to protest if/when Donald Trump’s unconstitutional agenda infringes upon them (and vice-versa in opposite partisan contexts).

And the cycle continues unless/until we are willing to respect everyone’s individual rights, even when we may not agree with those lifestyles, choices, or victimless behaviors.  If we cannot respect the rights of others to be free, then we certainly cannot reasonably expect others to respect our own right to be free.

As Ayn Rand famously warned, “remember also that the smallest minority on earth is the individual.  Those who deny individual rights, cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.”



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