In a stunning turn of events, the United Kingdom (UK) yesterday voted in favor of becoming the first country to peacefully secede from the European Union (EU).  In a popular referendum that saw a slim but clear majority elect to “leave” the confederation (by ~52% as of this writing), the people of the UK have delivered a mandate to its government to begin the slow and probably less than clean exit from the massive continental political quagmire.  I am sure there will be no shortage of axes to grind during this process, domestically and internationally, unfortunately.  But, this is a step in the right direction I believe.


To that point, it is nice to see a sovereign people ignore political fear-mongering and the disingenuous oligarchical Chicken Littles and pick up the mantle of self-determination for a change.  Only time will tell if the UK will replace the EU’s massive bureaucracy with an equally inefficient and ineffective politburo of their own, but there is ample opportunity – economically and socially – to fill this relative Big Government vacuum with market-centric policies advantageous to their own near- and long-term prosperity.


It will be equally interesting to see if this unlikely electoral outcome precipitates a series of political dominoes, such as a Trump presidency1 and a successful referendum on Scottish independence (this time).  I am also curious to see if/how this affects who will be the next British Prime Minister.


In any event, I guess our “cousins” across the pond can now celebrate their own Independence Day.





1.  Please do not read this as an endorsement.  While I do not and will not support Donald Trump politically, I also know that my preferred candidate (Austin Petersen) is unlikely to even crack 2% of the popular vote.  I do not vote for the “lesser of two evils” any longer, as you take ownership of and perpetuate the evils when doing so.  However, it will give me a chuckle or two if Trump defeats the prospective Criminal-in-Chief Hillary Clinton and might nonetheless result in at least a few positive outcomes along the way. 


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