Donald Trump Supports State-Sponsored Thievery

Just one of the many reasons I do not support Donald Trump for president is because he whole-heartedly embraces the corruptive Kelo v. City of New London (2005) rationale of the Fifth Amendment’s Eminent Domain clause:

I fully understand the conservative approach, but I don’t think it was explained to most conservatives. 

Nobody knows [eminent domain] better than I do, because I’ve built a lot of buildings in Manhattan and you’ll have twelve sites and you’ll get eleven and you’ll have the one holdout, and you end up building around them.  I know it better than anybody.

If you have a factory, where you have thousands of jobs, you need eminent domain, it’s called economic development.  Now you’re employing thousands of people and you’re able to build a factory, you’re able to build an Apple computer center, where thousands of people can work.  You can do that, or you can say, ‘Let the man have his house.’

I have long held that the traditional concept of eminent domain, while constitutional, is to be used in the most extreme of circumstances and narrowly defined application as possible if it were to be even marginally ethical in application.  Kelo turned that historical notion on its head by essentially making (as usual) the state the arbiter of special interest gain (including the government’s own interest in greater tax revenues) at the expense of the smaller, weaker private property owner(s).  Eminent domain under this judicial precedent marks a considerable shift in the state’s taxation power, granting an a legal authority to discriminately seize property for less than the property owner valuates it (otherwise a voluntary transaction would occur) and transfer it to a new, illegitimate property owner, based on the latter’s assertions or promises of “better” use of the property in question.

By Trump’s own words, he supports the never-abused concept of the “greater good” over the sovereignty of the individual and his/her rights, the concept of consequentialism over ethical principle, and ultimately the notion that might makes right.  Kelo is an abortion of justice, plain and simple, and anyone who supports such Big Government policy is not a friend of liberty or justice for all.


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