Is Central America Coming Around?

It would seem that Panama, at least, is coming around to recognizing the inherent logical fallacy that underpins the bulk of modern gun control policies. The country is reportedly preparing to “lift the ban on firearm imports, in an effort to promote personal safety.”

“Everything seems to indicate that there is no direct correlation in the aphorism that says more guns mean more crime,” the tiny Latin American country’s Public Safety Minister stated in support of the decision. As the minister is apparently aware, this common assertion from anti-gun activists is demonstrably false.

Only time will tell if Panama’s move toward recognizing individual self-defense rights catalyzes a broader cultural change in the region. While Central (and the rest of Latin) America has some of the more stringent gun control laws in the world, generally patterned after the typical European models, the region also boasts some of the most egregious violent crime rates in the world as well. Honduras (1), Venezuela (2), Belize (4), El Salvador (5), and Guatemala (6) all place in the world’s top ten with respect to intentional homicide rates (as of 2012). Even if there is no direct cause-effect relationship between more guns and less crime, a debatable point to be sure, people nonetheless ought to have the right to at least have the option of a fighting chance against violent criminals, for whom the state’s fallacious policies have demonstrably little preventative impact.


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