Christ Christie Is a Demagogue and Tyrant

(Source: TheBlazeNow)

I am not a Republican, so I have no direct dog in this primary fight, so to speak, but if New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is presented as the Republican nominee for president I will most certainly not vote for him.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is correct, Christie fundamentally – and I think arrogantly – misunderstands the legal requirements and ultimate intent of the Fourth Amendment (among others, no doubt).  If there is to be any meaningful discussion of a given threat presented to this nation and its people, with respect to the scope and scale of the power to impact innocent American lives, I mistrust the state with such power far more than I fear international terrorists and their evil designs. At least with the terrorists we have a legal fighting chance.

To be fair, Christie tickles me when he tells it like it is in some situations. And for his steadfast candor and brutally open honesty about this position, he has at least earned my respect. But because he is also so brazenly willing to dismiss the Supreme Law of the Land out-of-hand with little care for the second-, third-, and fourth-order effects such lawlessness breeds, I simply cannot support him as a potential chief executive.

Well-meaning or not, he is precisely the demagogic tyrant that the Fourth Amendment was written and ratified to defend against. Most of the world’s worst tyrants were square with their own consciences.




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