Planned Parenthood Is Not a Human Rights Organization

As I discussed some time back, abortion is, in my view, the modern manifestation of a continued trend in human societies to legitimize atrocious behavior toward the weak and/or defenseless (i.e., minority segments in those societies). Much as various collections of peoples throughout history have marginalized ethnic minorities (and still do) as being somehow subhuman in one way or another, or simply declared them as not qualifying for equal rights protections, so too are the victims of this infanticide considered something other than fully human and thusly undeserving of the same respect for their lives as everyone else is (at least legally) entitled to.

But it is one thing to discuss the topic of abortion in a disconnected, abstract sense with no real exposure to the details of how and why the practice is sought or performed. It is quite another to get a real glimpse into the abortion-industrial complex, as we see with this latest investigative expose on Planned Parenthood.

(Source: The Center for Medical Progress, YouTube)

How someone can claim to be a human being while callously discussing these ghoulish details so matter-of-factly – all while eating dinner, no less – is beyond me. And that is before even considering the actual acts themselves. This resembles more a lesser-evolved animal that instinctually eats the young rather than a human being with a functioning conscience or healthy soul. Perhaps Deborah Nucatola is a sociopath; that would explain her displayed comfort with this subject matter in at least a clinical way. Regardless, Planned Parenthood – and Nucatola specifically in this case – is not an organization dedicated to human rights, but rather is one dedicated to violating the most basic human right: that to life. If the sanctity of life does not make one’s radar, then truly nothing else matters past that.

The irony here is that if modern medicine could have determined when an unborn child is likely to be a sociopath at the time of Nucatola’s own birth, Planned Parenthood may have in fact helped her parents “plan” for a more normal “parenthood,” all in the name of the greater good of course. In any event, I could not help but find myself wondering what I would have said or done had I been sitting next to this deeply disturbing person in the restaurant and overheard the content of the conversation. I certainly would not have been able to continue with my meal at that point.

As I posited before, if a government cannot truthfully claim to exist to protect the weak, defenseless, and innocent from violence done to them by others – especially violence done primarily in the name of convenience – then it cannot claim any legitimate purpose to exist at all. It has demonstrably failed to live up to even the most modest of expectations.


UPDATE (21 July 2015): In case anyone was wondering, or thought to suggest, that this incident represents an isolated case involving a single anomalous individual, that is clearly not true. We now have a new, similar taped encounter available for public awareness that indicates a common pattern of behavior, at least in the higher executive levels of the organization.

(Source: The Center for Medical Progress, YouTube)

Maybe this phenomenon is systemic. Or, perhaps Planned Parenthood has developed a deep organizational culture of corruption over time. More likely, I posit that the very notion of medically legitimized abortion is inherently corrupting to the human soul. One you have deemed yourself entitled to determine who is a person worthy of life and who is not, there is not much left that remains morally off the table, so to speak.



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