State-sponsored Plunderers Allowed to Keep their Ill-gotten Gain

Earlier this summer the Supreme Court ruled that the Michigan Service Employees International Union (SEIU) had illegally forced some 40,000 people into the union against their will by classifying them as “partial public employees.” This case did not really require a review and ruling by the highest court in the land to establish its complete lack of credibility and ethics, nor are the particulars in this case substantively relevant to the notion that people cannot ethically be forced – by anyone – into associations and/or property transfers against their will.

Now, however, a Michigan court has ruled that the approximately $34 million that the SEIU illegally confiscated (with the necessary aid of state-sponsored violent force) does not have to be returned to those from whom the private property was taken. The court, for reasons that are certainly unclear to me, has essentially acknowledged that the ill-gotten gains in question are now the sole property of SEIU presumably due to the possession rule, an extension of the might makes right approach to governance and property disputes.

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