Oklahoma Police Captain Publicly Displays His Imbecility

About a month ago, I discussed general public perceptions of everyday law enforcement in America and how they appear to be growing more resentful. In that post, I particularly called out a fallacious rationale generally offered up for police misbehavior, specifically including unnecessary and unwarranted violence.

It would seem that simply being illogical and unethical in rationalizing one’s own nonsensical efforts to deflect blame onto victims is not brazen enough, however. As Oklahoma state trooper Captain George Brown reportedly illustrates, outright stupidity is another option when fallacy and deflection fail to persuade the public.

In an interview given to KJRH in Oklahoma related to “the arrests of three law enforcement officials in Oklahoma for sexually assaulting women while on the job,” the captain allegedly replied that the “best tip that he can give is to follow the law in the first place so you don’t get pulled over.”

? Yes, you read that correctly.

So, a police officer who is willing to violently assault a woman would only ever do so if she were speeding first? A man who, in uniform or not, is willing to violate such a basic tenet of human decency surely can be counted on to never pull over good little girls that obey all the traffic rules, right? Are we to interpret this statement as implication that speeders deserve to be raped, as de facto state-issued punishment for their “crimes?” Nowhere in this article was condemnation of the officers’ alleged actions offered, nor was the inherent and very relevant nature of government institutions discussed as a platform of power and intimation from which those will ill intent can more easily and readily wreak their devious havoc. As Frank Herbert noted, “power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible.”

Beyond that, are we really at a point in society that people this absolutely devoid of self-awareness, principles, and/or basic logic can hold high public office, including that which institutionalizes state-sponsored violence?

“Brown said Oklahoma law enforcement officials are working to retain the public’s trust.”

In the spirit of cooperation and public discourse, allow me to offer some help on this latter point: First, try not to be a complete booger-eating moron. Second, public and equal accountability (i.e., prison for police, vice just suspensions and/or terminations) are a must, pursuant to due process. Third, develop an exemplary culture worth emulating by policing your own for a change, starting with enforcing basic traffic laws with police officers themselves and going from there. Finally, and when in doubt, refer to tip number one.

UPDATE (28 September 2014): At least in this case it appears that the officer will be facing felony charges.


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