Republican House Majority Leader Fired!

In shocking news this afternoon, it appears that one of the nation’s most powerful “mainstream” Republican politicians, Eric Cantor (VA-7), has lost his reelection bid to so-called “Tea Party” primary challenger David Brat.


I have to say, I did not see this coming in such a prominent and well entrenched seat but it nonetheless illustrates just how fantastical most calls for the party factions to “come together” truly are. As I have stated elsewhere, compromise is not a legitimate end unto itself, and expecting compromise for its own sake while wholly ignoring real, substantive differences is simply an untenable proposition.


Perhaps this might finally hammer home the message to Grand Old Party (GOP) oligarchs that their constituents are tired of being force-fed a slightly different version of the same old Big Government statism? Or maybe this is not about the party at all but about issues too electorally esoteric for an Arizonan to really appreciate? I suppose we will see…

If Virginia’s election laws allow, the next move to expect will be for Cantor to run as a supposed Independent, or even pull an Arlen Specter and go it with the Democrats.


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